A place of joy

“A place of joy”

One winter night, well after midnight, two friends walked into the Kotel plaza. One was a hospital administrator and a famous doctor, the other a well-known philanthropist. As they approached the wall the pair witnessed a man with cheeks stained by an eternity’s-worth of tears. The streams flowed into his wispy beard, making it glisten. The agreed between themselves to help this man in whatever way necessary. When the emotional waves persisted they approached and offered their help. The doctor said, “If you or a loved one is ailing, I can help.” The philanthropist mirrored the sentiment, “If you or a loved one is in financial distress, I can help.” He replied, “Thanks, but no thanks. I didn’t arrive at this enchanted place because of pain or strife. I’m actually coming from a wedding. Tonight I was lucky enough to marry off my youngest son. I’ve raised my family and I’m overburdened with endless gratitude. The tears you see are simply the appreciation and thanks flowing from my soul. I had to bring this moment, these feelings, these tears straight to the source”

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