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WWN program is operated by: Shaar Hashamayim (580643237 R.A.), Grayevsky Street 59/2, Jerusalem, Israel. Shaar Hashamayim works to make accessible and deepen the relationshi and connection of all people with the Western Wall and the Temple.

For inquiries or questions regarding the terms of use, you can contact us via the website
Or by e-mail: wwn3wwn@gmail.com
Or by phone :  IL + 972-58-3237424
Or by mail to address: Shaar Hashamayim, Grayevsky Street 59/2 Jerusalem Israel

Do you have a request? Do need Divine assistance?
Energize your prayer in the ancient stones of the Kotel.
Just write your note, we’ll take care of everything.

Free Send a note to the Western Wall
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Free note in the Western Wall