Facts about the Wall

All the good

“All the good” that comes into the world makes initial contact with the Kotel and spreads forth from the Western Wall, as the verse says “And

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Concentric circles

“Concentric circles” The topography of our planet zones-in with increasing levels of sanctity. Israel is the holyland. Jerusalem is its capita

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The Hotline

“The Hotline” The early Kabbalists taught that Western Wall is the elevator of all prayers. From all around the world, words of hope, longing,

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Stories about the Western Wall

hearts of stone

“hearts of stone” “There are men with hearts of stone. There are also stones with hearts of humanity. The Kotel is those stones.” (Chief Rabbi

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Yuli Edelstein

“Yuli Edelstein” Yuli Edelstein, one of the most famous Russian Refuseniks and currently the Speaker of the Knesset told the following story a

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Lionel Messi

“Lionel Messi” When Lionel Messi visited Israel and made his way to the Kotel with the rest of the Barcelona team, he was barely able to make

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Vladimir Putin

“Vladimir Putin” For security reasons, Vladimir Putin visited the Western Wall at two in the morning. Even at that late hour, a entourage of r

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Donald Trump

“Donald Trump” In may of 2017, the ever newsmaking president Donald Trump landed in Israel and took a direct helicopter to the holy city, maki

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